Malaysia’s Dominant Online Advertising Services Industry

All Set for a Major Role

Online advertising in Malaysia is all set to play a big role in the overall advertising spend for the next few years, say industry experts.  With most Malaysians spending a significant amount of time online, businesses are driven to find better and more innovative ways of engaging with their target audience.  Malaysia online advertising offers businesses multiple advantages; for one, it allows for better reach at comparatively lower costs.  Using online advertising methods, marketers can engage with their audience at multiple points, spread out across the day.  Online advertising allows companies to reach consumers in a way that traditional media quite isn’t able to do.

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The Development of Malaysia’s Advertising Industry

The Rise of Advertising

Malaysia has had a number of advantages with respect to advertising; for one, the country’s strong infrastructure has made it favourable for advertising in Malaysia to grow in leaps and bounds.  Secondly, the rise in the country’s affluent upper-middle class society has made Malaysia the virtual hub of advertising in Asia.  Over the last few years, the advertising landscape in Malaysia has seen a subtle shift, with digital media making bold new strides, and traditional print media innovating to keep pace with its digital counterpart.  In Malaysia, traditional advertising continues to be popular for advertising and sales promotion, owing to a number of Malaysians being avid readers; the demand for print media continues to fuel the conventional advertising industry, with a 70% reach across the country.

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Inside Malaysia’s Creative Advertising Scene

Local Advertising for Small and Medium Businesses

Business owners in Malaysia, especially those of small and medium businesses (SMBs) are slowly recognizing the importance of spending on digital advertising services, to attract customers that spend a significant amount of their time online.  Increased spending by SMBs is, therefore, trending in the digital advertising sector currently, and leading to increased revenues for these businesses, according to a recent survey.  These SMBs, while willing to test the waters of digital advertising, are nevertheless reluctant to take big risks and prefer to stick with advertising services they are comfortable with; a factor that a good advertising agency in Malaysia will have to bear in mind.  While introducing SMBs to newer advertising services such as mobile marketing and social media marketing, an agency must also consider that SMBs are still very much budget-conscious.

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Strong Company Branding in Malaysia

Essentials for Company Branding

The key to a branding strategy, especially branding in Malaysia, is consistency.  Businesses should avoid talking about things that do not relate to or enhance their brand, and should instead, pay careful attention to content that aligns with their vision statement.  Every element of a brand’s marketing should work cohesively to create a consistent branding image; ultimately, this is what results in a brand being recognizable among customers.

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Shaping the Future of Branding in Malaysia

Trends in Branding

Industry experts agree that the advent of artificial intelligence spells some amount of freedom for branding agencies, in that it does the heavy lifting around campaign execution, giving brand agencies time for more creative work.  Influencer marketing, or what is known as Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing is making big waves on the Malaysian scene.  The best brand advertising agency knows that it needs to keep pace with the latest trends in its industry.  Therefore, Malaysian brand advertising agencies are aggressively adopting and incorporating the hottest new branding trends into their campaigns, with good results.

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Digital Marketing in Modern-Day Malaysia

Embracing Digital Marketing in Order to Succeed

As Malaysians continue to move online, with most Internet usage happening over smartphones, Malaysian businesses are beginning to see the need to upscale themselves on the digital arena.  While this is definitely going to result in a much more crowded online space, analysts predict that many businesses will not be effective in their digital marketing strategies due to lack of expertise and experience.

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Riding the Digital Marketing Wave in Malaysia

The Digital Space and Marketing

Malaysia’s Internet-savvy population has, on average, at least four social media accounts, with YouTube being the numero uno platform, closely followed by Facebook and WhatsApp.  With 25 million Malaysians online at any given point of time, the Internet is the best avenue for businesses to promote themselves and establish a strong presence.  Every digital marketing company in Malaysia is keenly aware of this and is quick to develop marketing strategies around this phenomenon.  While ecommerce sales currently lag behind those of their physical counterpart, the trend is set to reverse itself within a few years, as more and more Malaysians, particularly the younger sector, move to online purchasing as a preferred mode of shopping.

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Malaysia’s Business-Savvy Marketing Companies

On Par with Developed Countries

A marketing company in Malaysia can more than hold its own, performance-wise, against its counterparts elsewhere in the world.  There are a number of Malaysian marketing companies that offer best-in-class services ranging from branding, to outreach, to social media marketing, bringing with them the unbeatable advantage of a better understanding of the local markets.

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