Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Voice Search and Digital Assistants

By far, digital marketing has seen one of its biggest hits with voice-enabled devices such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.  Also trending are voice searches and voice-enabled commands that websites have begun to incorporate as part of their marketing strategies.  Like it or not, voice search is here to stay.  Another trend that is seen frequently is the chatbot, featured on almost every website these days.  As AI develops and refines itself and voice search improves in quality, this emerging trend is only likely to grow further.  Chatbots have proven that it is possible to come up with entirely new, innovative ways of engaging with customers and providing customer service.

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Making Your Brand Stand Out

What Successful Brands do Differently

Very often, success in terms of branding in marketing is a result of a business’ willingness to take some risks with its identity.  In cases where the company is an established one with a trusted brand identity, the risk can be very great.  However, with a good brand agency in Malaysia, many companies have managed to pull it off and re-brand themselves with a new identity in line with audience interests and expectations.  In short, willingness to take a leap of faith with one’s branding is sometimes necessary for branding success.  Businesses that are toying with the idea of re-branding themselves need to understand their market clearly.  Identifying a market niche that the business can then attempt to conquer by establishing a position in the minds of its audience in terms of specific desirable attributes is the first step in a successful branding strategy.


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The Makings of a Good Advertising Strategy

Knowing your Target Audience

In the age of automation, businesses across Malaysia can take advantage of not only cutting-edge advertising services but also applications that crunch big data and analyze demographic information crucial to the business’ advertising strategy.  For an advertising agency in Malaysia, this could mean information on what social media platforms the target audience is most active, what hours of the day they are likely to be online, what the top interests are for a collective group of potential customers.  All of this vital information can then be fed into the advertising strategy for the business.  Content that is produced as part of the strategy, both text, and video, can be customized accordingly.  The result?  A highly personalized advertising approach that is sure to engage with the audience.


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The Impact of Social Media Agencies

Shifting Trends in Ad Spending

Over the past few years, Malaysia’s Adex (advertising expenditure) trends have seen a paradigm shift.  Where the industry previously spent heavily on traditional media like television and radio, today advertising expenditure is seeing a sizeable chunk dedicated for online advertising, and a significant portion of that, towards social media marketing in particular.  Newspaper and magazine advertisements are faring less effectively in comparison with campaigns launched across platforms by every social media agency in Malaysia worth its salt.  Along with spending more on social media marketing, marketers are also re-imagining the way they connect with audiences through social media platforms, as the need of the hour has become content that will cut through the chaos of information overload and reach out to the people that matter.


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Malaysia’s Social Media Phenomenon

Challenges of Marketing on Social Media

Marketers see social media as a double-edged sword – each new platform is a potentially new area from which to market from, but also is a potentially new distraction for a user.  With the average Malaysian having close to five different social media accounts, what this means is that users sift through massive amounts of content throughout the day.  It takes a very well-crafted social media marketing campaign to grab the attention of this fickle-minded audience.  In addition, the unique Malaysian demographic of Malaysians spending more time on their smartphones than anywhere else in the world adds a mobile angle that no social media marketing agency can afford to ignore.

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Online Advertising Trends in Malaysia

Trending Now: Mobile-First Online Advertising

The way consumers in Malaysia use their smartphones for the Internet has forced businesses and advertising services alike to up their advertising game.  Companies investing in online advertising are realizing that mobile-first advertising yields the highest returns on investment.  This is largely due to the mobile-related demographics in Malaysia.  Malaysians spend anywhere between three to five hours on their smartphones every day.  The biggest chunk among these users is the millennials, who are a powerful segment of users in terms of influencing other consumers.  As a recent survey noted, almost 15% of millennials rely on their smartphones to meet all of their online activities; this astounding figure begs for more emphasis on mobile-first online advertising.


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The Impact of Design in Malaysia

Good Design and its Value

Thanks to two prevalent trends – the popularity of social media, and the use of the smartphone for browsing, design has now become embedded in the Malaysian culture.  As businesses everywhere wake up to the possibilities of marketing over social media and over mobile, design plays a key role in whether a consumer will recognize and remember a particular brand or business, from among the onslaught of information that he or she experiences, every time they go online.

Design Malaysia

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Creating a Lasting Impression with Good Design

Standing out from among the Crowd

Design in Malaysia is more than just graphic design; good design is all about a business effectively communicating with its audience to inform, engage with, and eventually convince customers to take the desired action.  Good design is what sets a business apart from the rest of the competition and creates a positive and lasting impression.  Whether it is a business card, a website, or product packaging, companies now realize the importance of making an impact, because of first impressions matter.  Design services may vary from flyer design to product packaging – regardless, they all play a crucial role in creating a perception.

Design in Malaysia

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