Advertising Trends you Need to Know in Malaysia

Aiming to be the Best

Any Malaysian advertising company worth its salt knows that it needs to keep itself constantly updated with new trends and tools and apply these practically in order to stay abreast of the competition.

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The Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Scene in Malaysia

Conquer the Rising Mobile Traffic

This year has seen mobile traffic within Malaysia surpass that of desktop traffic by almost 70%.  With such a staggering statistic, digital marketing cannot help but focus on the section of Malaysians that have adopted mobile phones as their means of Internet usage. Recent studies indicate that the mobile Internet usage is likely to go up even more.  Continue reading “The Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Scene in Malaysia”

Malaysia’s Exciting Creative Design Services Industry

Top Job Opportunities for Malaysian Designers

The design industry in Malaysia is relatively new and not as mature as that of the west, and the Malaysian population not as appreciative of the values of good graphic design.  Nevertheless, the recent years have seen mushrooming of small to medium-sized design studios all over the country. Continue reading “Malaysia’s Exciting Creative Design Services Industry”