Advertising Trends you Need to Know in Malaysia

Aiming to be the Best

Any Malaysian advertising company worth its salt knows that it needs to keep itself constantly updated with new trends and tools and apply these practically in order to stay abreast of the competition.

advertising in Malaysia

With over two-thirds of the Malaysian population spending up to four hours online, it follows that advertising in Malaysia is a serious business, with companies vying for attention in the narrow space of social media.  There is a huge focus therefore on Google and Facebook advertisements, these two companies making up the biggest slice of the advertising pie.  Another trend seen everywhere is voice search, VR and augmentation having opened up a plethora of application opportunities.  And finally, user engagement through video content via YouTube is a sure-fire way to capture audience attention, commanding an impressive 80% of all internet content.

The Importance of being Legally Compliant

Malaysian companies, along with those elsewhere in the world, have woken up to the awareness of data privacy and protection.  Ensuring legal compliance is slowly becoming a norm for all agencies providing advertising services in Malaysia, ensuring data security in accordance with GDPR laws.  It is a good indication for the advertising industry in Malaysia, and a step in the right direction for the future of advertising in the country.  By ensuring legal compliance with its advertisements, Malaysian companies can ensure that they are in fact targeting the right kind of audience, which works to the benefit of both the business and the consumer.

Digital Advertising: The Biggest Player

Spending in digital advertising in Malaysia is estimated to amount to over $300 million in the year 2019, with the largest segment coming from social media advertising.  Other areas of ad spending include classified, video advertising, banner advertising and search advertising, all of which are used extensively in Malaysia by local businesses.  By 2020, digital advertising spend in Malaysia is estimated to be approximately 26% of the total media ad spend in the country.

Rising GDP and income levels have led to an increased affordability of content, fueling the growth of various advertising avenues.  Extravagant product launches, once a Singapore feature, are now seen frequently in Malaysia as well.  Advertising in Malaysia has never been this exciting.

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