Benefits of Product Placement Advertising and Tips to Ace the Genre

Have you considered product placement advertising for your brand? It’s a time-tested strategy that can deliver big dividends. Here’s a look at the benefits of product placement and tips to incorporate it in your marketing mix.

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What is Product Placement?

Product placement is a technique offered by any leading advertising agency in Malaysia to subtly promote products through appearances in films, TV shows and other forms of entertainment content. For product placement, a brand pays to have their products/services used, displayed or prominently featured. It is usually initiated and regulated via an agreement between the product manufacturer and media company.

Benefits of Product Placement Advertising

Product placement is an unaggressive promotion technique where brands are featured in a neutral, realistic context. A smart ad agency can cleverly slip in a product and customers will not even realize they are being marketed to. This minimizes the risk of ad avoidance and improves efficiency Advertisers can expect undivided viewer attention because product placement ads cannot be skipped or blocked. It is proven that viewers are heavily influenced by the choices their favorite celebrities make. Not only will they have a favorable opinion of the brand but they can take it a step further by purchasing a particular product.

Best Practices to Follow

Having said that, not all ad agencies can get product placement right. A top-notch advertising agency in Malaysia will follow tried and tested principles to obtain best outcomes. For example, it’s important to ensure that the brand is noticed but precaution should be taken not to take it too far – being aggressive with product placement will take away the element of subtlety which is what makes product placement so successful. It’s vital to keep the target audience in mind while selecting the platforms to focus on. Also, it’s important to select the channels – whether TV shows or movies – that do not contradict your brand values.

Innovative Solutions to Consider

A smart advertising agency can incorporate product placement in various genres and media formats. TV shows and movies have traditionally been effective product advertising vehicles. However, the opening up of the digital space offers many more tools for product placement such as music videos, content videos, video games, augmented reality, social networks, influencer marketing and much more. It all comes down to the expertise and creativity of the advertising team.

To implement product placement advertising for your brand and ensure superior quality results, consult the dominant advertising agency in Malaysia!

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