Best Techniques for Social Media Optimization

Why Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization, or SMO, is a relatively new area in the growing field of social media marketing and derives from the idea of making a website social media marketing-ready, that is, ready to have its content and links shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.  Why is social media optimization such a big deal?  The answer lies in the number of users who are registered with social media sites: at any given time, around two billion people are logged into social media sites collectively, across the globe.  Social media marketing taps into this tremendous potential customer base, and SMO makes sure that your website is primed and ready to be shared across platforms.

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Indispensable Social Media Optimization Tips

The buzzword in social media optimization techniques these days is ‘sharing’.  It is about creating content for websites that has the highest likelihood of being shared on social media.  This means creating content that is interesting, persuasive, fresh, and backed by appealing visuals, a sure-fire way to get people to share your content on their favourite social media platform.  Always make sure that content is easily shareable.  Install social sharing buttons, placing them on your website in a place where visitors will be sure to find them.  Hashtags are another among the effective social media optimization techniques; having cropped up on almost all social media platforms, they are a guaranteed way of bringing your audience closer to you.  Lastly, be creative with your social media profile, using simple but appealing language to capture your audience, and including relevant information like business URL, logo etc.

Social Media: Interaction is Key

Search engines now include social stories as votes while creating search results, so interact with your audience as much as possible on social media to improve your SEO.  Ask your audience to react to your content, and share stories of their own – this greatly helps improve your media footprint.

Social media optimization might seem relatively new, but with smart tools like social media analytics, you can leverage these techniques to make your website social media ready in no time.

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