Branding and the Malaysian Market

Branding Comes from Within

When a company sets out to create branding in marketing, it is very important for it to remember that branding starts from within the company.  For a business that is undergoing the process of branding, the new identity will need to show in every aspect of the business, from company memos to email signatures, to company-supplied stationery.  The new logo and tagline will have to appear in every media campaign, whether online or offline, whether print medium or other.  In every form of communication, the message that the branding is seeking to convey needs to come out loud and clear.  Only when the brand’s identity has been firmly established in this manner, from within, can branding be taken to the next level, namely outside the establishment and into the world.

branding in marketing

Creating A Brand that Goes Beyond Marketing

With the sheer amount of brands that users come into contact with on a daily basis, it is important to create a brand for a company that users trust and like, and not just focus on branding in marketing to create a brand that everyone will use.  Any brand agency in Malaysia will tell you that branding is in fact an art; the art of converting the company’s core values and services into an image that conveys this, and then subtly placing this image into the minds of target audiences so that they remember the company and its values simply by looking at the image.  When a product becomes a household name, it is because of the success of its branding in marketing.

How to Pick the Right Brand Agency

Choosing the right brand agency in Malaysia can be a tricky affair.  The prevalence of several cultural groups within the country might give rise to the idea that a local brand agency might be better equipped to understand these cultural differences.  However this may not be necessarily true.  A global brand brings with it decades-old solid processes and methods that a local company may or may not have.

With the right brand agency in Malaysia, a sound strategy for branding, and a little bit of time, a company can go from unnoticed to immediately recognizable.

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