Building a Strong Image

The first step in a social media marketing plan is to create a strong profile for a product or business, creating a good first impression in the minds of viewers as to the brand being marketed. In addition to seeing up an impressive profile on each major social media platform, a smart strategy is to cross-promote social accounts, by asking an audience on one platform to follow you on the others as well.  Another powerful tool that marketing agencies use to reinforce a strong image, is to run cross-channel campaigns, branding them with unique hashtags to make them instantly memorable.  As more social media platforms move their networks to smartphones via apps, it becomes necessary to focus on optimizing one’s marketing plan for the mobile audience as well.

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Extensive Market Data Analysis

One of the major advantages of working with a social media agency is that business owners begin to appreciate vast amounts of data analytics that go into ensuring the success of a marketing campaign.  There are many sophisticated data analysis tools that help social media marketing agencies tailor their campaigns.  Social media monitoring tools keep track of every aspect of a business, or its industry trends, or even competitor business so that marketing agencies have the right insight to make meaningful strategic decisions.  Monitoring tools offer valuable information on parameters like ROI, bounce rate, conversation rate and applause rate, allowing marketing strategies to be fine-tuned for greater success.  Data analysis tools also help to pinpoint the most effective influencers, as influencer marketing grows in popularity as a powerful tool.

Choosing the Right Platform

A smart social media agency knows that in order to be successful, a business needn’t run a marketing campaign on every social media platform, just the ones where a maximum target audience reach is assured.  To this effect, agencies pay close attention to the kind of business or product that is being marketed, and choose platforms accordingly.  For example, businesses that can be represented strongly by bold and colorful images, such as the hotel industry, would benefit by focusing their marketing strategies on visual-based social media platforms such as Snapchat and Pinterest.

Partner with a reputed social media agency today and make your social media marketing strategy stand out among the rest of the crowd!

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