Celebrating Malaysia’s Creative Best: The Advertising Industry

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when an advertising agency in Malaysia had to second-guess the message they would have to deliver to their target audience, so as to hit the mark.  With artificial intelligence and its associated technologies, the guesswork is removed from targeted advertising and in its place is content that is tailor-made to fit each specific user. Moreover, with artificial intelligence, companies can even fine-tune their target audiences, giving companies a near flawless way to determine who exactly their target audience is.  The level of precision and cost-effectiveness with which artificial intelligence delivers accurate results cannot be compared with manually-generated results.  By utilizing the power made available through AI-generated reports, companies can truly experience the benefits of machine learning for themselves.

Video Marketing: Here to Stay

It is no surprise that video advertising dominated the previous year’s advertising trends. An advertising agency in Malaysia will tell you that a major chunk of the work done in 2018 has been around creating video content.  With video touted as being a more engaging medium of communicating, marketers are gearing up to produce more video content that will advertise, educate and entertain target audiences.  Currently video advertising accounts for more than 80% of the total advertising techniques.  Some of the top trends to watch out for within video marketing are shorter video content: under 15 seconds, live video streaming, video content for mobile phones, and the latest trend: the cinema graph.

Voice Search Advertising Makes it Big

Recent estimates place the number of Echo and Home devices at around 50 million.  This staggering statistic is an indicator of just how prevalent voice search has become as an advertising trend.  With potential for many millions more of these smart devices to be sold, partnerships with other brands have evolved as a feasible means of grabbing a share of the market.

As traditional advertising techniques like TV and newspaper die a slow death, the phenomenal rise of newer techniques like mobile, video and so on are indicators that an advertising agency will have to work twice as hard as before. For an advertising agency in Malaysia, paying careful attention to the latest advertising trends and applying the relevant ones will definitely ensure success.

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