Conquering the Many Types of Branding

Types of Branding: What are They?

Expert opinion varies on exactly how many types of branding strategies there are; however, a few core branding types are common to all definitions.  These include individual branding: establishing a single product as a brand that has a unique, easily recognizable entity. 

Branding strategy

Another branding strategy is personal branding, common among celebrities, politicians, sportsmen and the like.  Personal branding is how a political candidate convinces his/her voters that he/she is the best person for the job.  Businesses interested in building/maintaining a good reputation resort to corporate branding, which takes into account services, employees, corporate culture, CSR and lots more.  Retail branding is employed by industry giants to capture consumer interest and outsell competition.

Becoming a Winner with Co-Branding

A good branding agency in Malaysia keeps abreast of the various branding techniques available and uses them to the advantage of its customer.  One such trend that is making waves is co-branding.  Described as a kind of marketing partnership between two or more brands such that the success of one brand rubs off on the other and vice-versa, this branding technique has resulted in many brands achieving breakthroughs in new, previously untried markets.  Co-branding not only opens doors to a wider customer base, made possible by the larger player, but also gives the smaller player credibility in the industry.  Co-branding as a tried and tested approach is becoming more and more prevalent in Malaysia’s branding scene.  Of all the types of branding, this is probably the most popular.

Jumping on the Social Media Trends Wagon

Tapping into social media trends is fast becoming a means for brands to convey their particular brand identity to the general population.  In recent times, many Malaysian companies have managed to build solid brand equity by jumping onto the #10YearChallenge that has taken social media by storm.  This and other social media trends that are constantly popping up all over the digital landscape present a tremendous opportunity for brands to showcase themselves.  This trend, called trend jacking, offers the perfect platform for companies to outshine their competition while at the same time building a strong presence for itself.

A branding agency in Malaysia, by keeping its eyes open to new trends, will ultimately lead its customer to newer successes.

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