Cutting Through the Clutter: Design Tips for Malaysian Businesses

Every minute of the time that people spend online, they face an onslaught of information.  How does a business get through the clutter and reach out effectively to its target audience?  The key to the answer is the good design.  Here are some design tips that businesses everywhere, and especially Malaysian ones, can consider adopting.

Unconventional is the Order of the Day

Design in Malaysia, as everywhere else, is moving away from conventional graphics, stock images, familiar fonts and taking more risks, in an attempt to capture attention.  Bolder colour schemes, better-branded images, custom illustrations, and handwritten fonts are some of the untraditional trends in design that are being embraced.  Many companies have successfully rebranded themselves through the adoption of this design tip.  It stands to reason then, that breaking away from some of the tried-and-tested ways of design might bring in better results than going strictly by the book of design rules.  The intention is to present something to the consumer during their furious scrolling through the Internet that is so arresting, that they will stop to take a closer look.

The Principles of Good Design

Any list of good design tips will tell you that design has to make its product or message understandable.  Good design makes a product speak for itself.  It translates a company’s message into a language that an audience can understand and relate to.  Further, good design should be unobtrusive, seeking to highlight the product or message, not seeking to detract from it and promote itself instead.  Good design is also honest – it must not seek to manipulate its users into believing something about the product that is not true.

The Key is Consistency

It isn’t sufficient to revamp a design by adding a ton of bold colours and smarter looking fonts.  The key to creating a compelling brand image is to maintain consistency in the design, across all platforms and media that the design reaches.  Design in Malaysia must speak the same message across all channels where it seeks to capture an audience, or the entire effort becomes fragmented and results in a brand that is only moderately successful in establishing itself in the minds of its audience.

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