Demographic Challenges

Business owners looking to make an impact need to take account a few complications unique to the Malaysian market.  Malaysia is made up of 3 main races and many tribes, each of which has its own dialect and customs.  The challenge faced by any advertising agency in Malaysia, therefore, is in creating a mass-market advertising strategy that will reach out to each of these ethnic groups.  Advertising agencies invest in substantial amounts of market research in order to understand behavioural patterns about their audiences before they come up with their advertising strategy for a company or brand.  Extensive research is also done to gain knowledge about how a client’s competition operates in the market.

Types of Advertising Strategies

A well-planned advertising strategy offers an integrated set of services for both online and print media.  Advertising services for the Internet include banner advertisements and the latest, the viral video.  Social media marketing campaigns, on channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have demonstrated their immense ability to reach out and impact millions online.  Pay per click advertising is another powerful way to advertise to specific segments of target audiences.  Print advertising, although reduced in recent times, nevertheless has its own market share, with newspaper and magazine advertisements continuing to appeal to the buying power of its audience.  Brochures, flyers and billboard advertising are just some of the channels that an advertising agency in Malaysia will need to leverage.

Knowing When and Where to Advertise

One of the keys of advertising is knowing at what specific times and places to advertise.  Most business owners will realize that the advertising campaign they are running with, does not have to be sustained throughout the year.  Strategically timed advertising ensures an effective outreach to audiences, while at the same time conserving budget for future use.  Similarly, an agency providing advertising services also needs to research their target audience extensively, to find out where they spend most of their time – this includes TV and radio shows that are popular with the audience, websites, and social media.

An effective advertising strategy is one that is based on a thorough understanding of its customers and is guaranteed to bring in more worthwhile leads to one’s business.

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