The Development of Malaysia’s Advertising Industry

The Rise of Advertising

Malaysia has had a number of advantages with respect to advertising; for one, the country’s strong infrastructure has made it favourable for advertising in Malaysia to grow in leaps and bounds.  Secondly, the rise in the country’s affluent upper-middle class society has made Malaysia the virtual hub of advertising in Asia.  Over the last few years, the advertising landscape in Malaysia has seen a subtle shift, with digital media making bold new strides, and traditional print media innovating to keep pace with its digital counterpart.  In Malaysia, traditional advertising continues to be popular for advertising and sales promotion, owing to a number of Malaysians being avid readers; the demand for print media continues to fuel the conventional advertising industry, with a 70% reach across the country.

Digital Advertising: A Game Changer

Digital media consumption continues to enjoy unprecedented growth in Malaysia, year on year.  On an average, Malaysians spend around 16 hours per week on their smartphones, a good reason for mobile advertising spending to continue increasing, as more and more users drive an increase in demand for digital content that is available on smartphone.  The rise of Internet usage over smartphones has also led to the trend of online shopping via mobile phone; the current year has seen over 1.7 million Malaysians aged 15 and above, shop for products and services online.  This is good news for advertising in Malaysia; among the more affluent, this trend means that 25% of Malaysians are shopping for products via their smartphones.

Advertising and Sales Promotion in Malaysia

While both advertising and sales promotion are key concepts of a business, they are not the same thing.  While advertising involves touting the advantages and qualities of a product or service, sales promotion is about the short-term sale of the same product or service.  While advertising can employ a number of indirect methods to create a desired effect, sales promotions are all about direct methods intended to target an audience and convince them to buy.

Malaysia is on the cusp of exciting changes in the advertising industry; fueled by a largely Internet-savvy population and with award-winning talent, advertising is predicted to grow like never before.

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