Digital Marketing Trends to Boost your Business

Keeping up with digital marketing trends can be daunting in a marketplace that sees change every day.  Here are some cutting-edge digital marketing trends that will give your business a distinct advantage.

The Persuasive Power of Visual Content

The digital realm is one where there is constant competition to see who can engage with an audience in a more compelling way.  Given this competition, there are numerous experiments made with mixed media, as marketing professionals seek to alchemize text, picture, sound, and video into the perfect combination that reaches out effectively to the target audience.  Among the various kinds of media that have been tried out, a video has emerged as the number one medium by which ideas can be communicated with maximum impact.  With today’s limited attention-span Internet users, whose loyalties can be fickle, video delivers precise, clear content to an audience that is saturated with information overload.  Video content has the power of retention and persuasion; people are more likely to remember a crisp video clip than a bunch of text on the same topic, and this is why video will stay at the top of the digital marketing trends observed today.

The Savvy Appeal of Expiring Content

If there is a digital marketing trend hotter than visual content, it’s expiring content.  The digital equivalent of say, a flash sale in the physical world, expiring content piques audience interest like nothing else does.  The idea of having a limited window of time in which specific content will be posted, before it disappears forever, is a sheer genius because it takes the well-known concept of “FOMO”, which is fear of missing out, and applies it to the digital world.  The result: masses of people whose eyes are glued to their screens in anticipation of what will come next.  Expiring content is how savvy marketing managers are now buying their way to guaranteed brand recognition on the digital scene.

Interactive Content

In the fiercely competitive digital world, engaging the audience through interactive content is the key to building a strong online presence.  This trend manifests itself in the plethora of quizzes, surveys, voting and other forms of interaction that are seen almost daily in the digital space.

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