Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Voice Search and Digital Assistants

By far, digital marketing has seen one of its biggest hits with voice-enabled devices such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.  Also trending are voice searches and voice-enabled commands that websites have begun to incorporate as part of their marketing strategies.  Like it or not, voice search is here to stay.  Another trend that is seen frequently is the chatbot, featured on almost every website these days.  As AI develops and refines itself and voice search improves in quality, this emerging trend is only likely to grow further.  Chatbots have proven that it is possible to come up with entirely new, innovative ways of engaging with customers and providing customer service.

Digital Marketing Malaysia

Digital Marketing with Micro Moments

A micro-moment is when a user turns to their device, very frequently a smartphone, to perform an action, like look up something, or buy something.  Companies have begun leveraging these micro-moments, armed with vital data that predicts for them what the customer might need at that particular moment, to engage in digital marketing.  A digital marketing company that manages to meet the customer’s needs best, is the winner at this brand new kind of marketing strategy.  Of course, this calls for massive amounts of measurement and analysis, but high initial success rates are encouraging.  Trends indicate that this is the year of the micro-moment.

Influencers as Digital Marketing Tools

While previous years indicate that micro-influencers played a crucial role in digital marketing, the current trend seems to show that integrated influencing will rule the roost.  This trend encompasses every kind of influencer imaginable, ranging from the humble word-of-mouth to micro-influencers, and macro- to even mega-influencers.  Loyalty and referral programs are also expected to trend throughout the year as a result of the growth in popularity of integrated influencing.  Influencers, with their natural conversational tone, are the biggest marketing tools that a business can employ, as consumers become wary of text content and standard impersonal video-based content.

Thanks to Malaysia’s Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ), digital marketing has now become a way of doing business for both small and big companies in Malaysia.  A digital marketing company that can use the current trends in marketing to their advantage, will ultimately emerge as the winner.

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