Emerging Trends for Branding in Malaysia

Developing Hybrid Teams

In today’s ever-changing industry, companies that have sales and marketing teams working separately, in silos, will fast fail.  Instead, aggressive branding calls for a more disruptive way of working, by quickly creating hybrid teams that can combine the roles of sales and marketing for the common good. By consolidating the skills of coaching, connecting with audiences, enablement and education, hybrid teams build a formidable advantage over other companies that have these skills in isolation, but not working together.  This is a trend that is likely to continue well into the century.


No Ordinary Brand Influencers

Today’s audiences demand newer, more interesting content every day.  Engaging with a fickle-minded audience is a challenge faced by every brand agency in Malaysia these days.  In looking at the trend of brand influencers, an interesting phenomenon stands out: audiences are no longer happy with conformists, or even celebrities and are instead looking for more approachable, better relatable, and sometimes ‘quirky’ influencers.  A niche group of non-conformist influencers, who stand apart from the crowd in terms of their unique persona, makes for a great branding strategy.  By documenting details of their personal lives through social media channels, influencers feel closer to audiences than traditional celebrities and are a smarter branding option.

Customer is the King

One myth that has been busted in recent years is that branding drives customer trends.  In reality, customer is always the king, and it is customers who drive brands.  Assuming that audiences will follow the dictates of the brand is a sure-fire mistake that every brand agency in Malaysia needs to avoid.  By thinking of the customer first, companies ensure that they are tuned in to the voice of their audience; by listening and empathetically understanding what the customer is saying, a company can begin to brand itself to meet the needs of its customers.

In a decade that has been driven by data, technology and analysis, the trend in branding is slowly but definitely shifting towards a focus on creativity and the human touch.  As brands begin to explore how to appeal to audiences by tapping into their emotions, the future will determine how exactly these strategies will evolve into the branding trends of tomorrow.

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