Five Design Mistakes to Avoid If You Want a Stunning Logo

A logo needs to convey a brand’s story clearly, instantly and memorably. Logo design in Malaysia is not an exact science but involves lots of creativity to get it right the first time around. Here are some common mistakes professional designers avoid while creating a strong, impactful logo design.

Poor Quality Resolution

In the modern world, a logo needs to display clearly not just on print material but on a variety of electronic devices as well. It’s futile if you have a beautiful logo that looks great in print but confusing on websites.  Whether on a banner or mobile phone, images need to appear crisp with no pixelation issues. The best professionals for design in Malaysia carry out rigorous testing to develop logos that scale nicely and don’t lose quality on various media.

Following Design Trends Blindly

New design trends emerge frequently but a good designer knows that what might be a fashionable design trend today may not work tomorrow. Before adopting a brand new trend, you need to ask yourself if it fits in with your business’s overall personality that you would like to uphold for several years and not just a season or two. Thankfully, the best professionals for design in Malaysia keep abreast of the latest trends but only embrace them if they suit a brand’s identity and personality.

Using Generic Colors

Poor color choice can be disastrous for a brand. Good designers try to pick the right shade that reflects the brand’s personality in a unique and distinguishing manner. For example, red is a great color for a bank as it conveys good fortune and wealth but there are many banks that already use this color in their logo. A skilled professional will select a unique shade of red to create a distinct identity.

Choosing Inappropriate Typeface

The typeface chosen should reflect a particular characteristic or traits that the brand wants to convey. For example, it would be ill-advised for a law firm that wants to convey trust and professionalism to use the Comic Sans typeface for its logo. Good designers also think about how a particular typeface will work with the overall logo design and how to use negative spacing effectively to reinforce a logo.

Clutter and Complications

Inexperienced designers overcomplicate matters by trying to incorporate many diverse elements into a design when actually the requirement is to create a strong and simple logo that allows audiences to instantly take in what the brand is trying to convey. This will also help make the design easy to recall and memorable.

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