Four Advertising Tips for Small Businesses in Malaysia

Is your small business in need of advertising services? There are so many platforms including print, broadcast, online and mobile advertising to name a few, how do you know which solution will work best for your business? The truth is it all depends on your core audience and your ad budget. Here are some tips to make an informed decision.

Advertising services

Importance of Research

When you partner a professional agency offering advertising services, the first thing they will do is research your business, industry, core audience and competition. Even before approaching an agency, you can do your own customer research and go through your business’s sales record to get a basis of what your requirements will be. Take into consideration important information such as the size of your audience, your budget, and your competition’s advertising tactics while making a decision.

Popular Advertising Platforms

If you look at the scenario in Malaysia, some of the most popular platforms include print, radio, TV and online advertising – each platform comes with strengths and benefits. With TV, you can include the elements of sound, visuals, color, and movement to generate a powerful impact on audiences. With radio, you can get your audiences to listen to what you are saying. Print platforms such as magazines, newspapers and niche publications can help you get in front of large and specific groups of audiences. Online advertising can get you immediate, cost-effective and measurable results.

Innovative, Impactful Strategies

Small businesses can afford to be more innovative with their advertising strategies so as to make a big impact with a limited budget. A professional agency offering advertising services may suggest guerilla advertising techniques to capture audiences’ attention, outdoor advertising to get brands on billboards, lamp post buntings as well as product placement advertising which is a very creative way of placing ads in everyday things or spaces.

Don’t Neglect Positioning

No matter which platform you choose, it’s important to position it the right way to derive maximum returns. For radio advertising, rush hour is the most lucrative time slot. For advertising on TV, evening prime TV grabs the most eyeballs. In print advertising, positioning an ad on the right-hand page has more impact. In online advertising, you can use data analytic tools to understand the time periods when they’re being most effective. Of course, prime positioning depends on your budget and a professional agency can help you stretch your ad money to derive maximum benefits.

Get in touch with a reputed ad agency in Malaysia to build a strong advertising campaign that’s the right fit for your business!

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