Four Areas of Focus to Develop Successful SEO in Malaysia Today

Changing user behavior and search engine capabilities means that SEO strategies need to evolve – what worked in 2008 may not work in 2018 to get higher search engine ranking. Here are some things advertising companies in Malaysia consider to develop successful SEO strategies that work in the present day and age.


Attract High-Quality Traffic

Previously, an advertising company mostly focused on getting as many site visitors as possible. Today, SEO aims to attract high-value site traffic that lead to conversions, sales and revenues. Various factors such as demographics, location, what audiences are searching for and how they perform web searches are taken into account to develop solid SEO strategies.

Presence on Multiple Search Platforms

Earlier, advertising companies in Malaysia mainly optimized SEO strategies for Google which is the world’s largest search platform. However, today a significant number of searches take place on alternative sites such as Microsoft Bing and advertisers too are expanding their efforts to cover multiple search platforms. Another interesting development is that mobile searches have exploded and SEO marketers are focusing on developing mobile optimized SEO to help websites rank higher on search engine results pages.

Improving Browsing Experience

The speed at which a page loads, simple website navigation and high-quality content are other requisites for a successful SEO strategy. The emphasis today is helping audience access relevant, useful information easily on a website to give them a satisfactory website browsing experience. Keeping content natural and focused while using the right keyword themes and not resorting to bad practices such as keyword stuffing is vital to giving a good user experience which ultimately translates into better search engine ranking.

Building High-Quality Links

When another website links to yours, search engines take it as an indicator that your website has valuable content. Today, the emphasis is not on the number of websites that linked to yours but the quality of those websites. Advertising companies in Malaysia still following the old practice of getting dozens of links from poor quality sites to boost search engine ranking are bound to get left behind. The best companies focus on building links from high traffic, high-quality websites.

For more such tips, consult a leading online advertising company following the latest and best SEO strategies!

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