Four Benefits of Partnering a Boutique Design Agency in Malaysia

When deciding on a creative agency offering design services in Malaysia, are you considering a boutique establishment? Big agencies offer clients security, resources and skills but boutique agencies offer the same skills along with many other distinct advantages at a fraction of the price.


Services Are More Affordable

Large multinational agencies offering services for design in Malaysia have more overheads such as employees, support staff, utility costs and swanky offices etc. which increase costs. Ultimately, these costs are passed on to clients. Boutique design agencies usually have fewer overheads and concentrate on offering value for money services. If you’re a business owner looking for cost-effective services, partnering a boutique agency may be more beneficial.

Quick Turnaround Times

When you choose a bigger agency for design in Malaysia, be prepared to deal with red tape and bureaucracy. A larger firm will have more levels of authority and roadblocks than a boutique agency which can lead to delays in campaign planning and execution. Working with a boutique agency means that you can expect quick turnaround and faster responses to your questions and concerns. Your campaign will start sooner, get out to market as quickly as possible and you’ll see faster results.

Unique Localized Campaigns

When you’re a small or medium business with little or no presence in overseas markets, it makes more sense to partner a local boutique agency for design in Malaysia than a large multinational one. A local agency is more likely to have specialized knowledge about the local market you’re targeting and use that knowledge to deliver a unique campaign with a distinct regional flavor that will be lapped up by your target audience.

Personal Attention and Creative Solutions

A small design agency is more likely to work closely with you to deliver customized solutions after carefully researching your target industry, audience and competition. You are more likely to receive highly creative solutions designed to capture the attention of your target audience. Larger agencies tend to use cookie-cutter solutions, are more likely to be set in their ways and less likely to try new tactics. Small agencies thrive on challenges and delivering out-of-the-box innovations.

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