Four Best Practices Successful Design Agencies Swear By

How hard could it be to create a simple logo design? Much harder than most people assume it to be. Considering that a logo is the face of a brand that conveys identity and personality, a design agency spends considerable time and effort in ensuring powerful, memorable representation. Here are some practices that a good agency swears by to create winsome logos.

Logo Design

Client Centered Solutions

A good design agency in Malaysia pays attention to a client’s requirements that are spelled out during an initial consultation. A lot of questions are asked to understand a client’s business and target audiences. In addition to this, a professional design firm also conducts thorough research into the industry in which client operates as well as logo designs used by competitors – this is done only for inspiration and not to blindly copy an existing design.

Extensive Research and Sketching

A good logo design is always developed around a client’s brief and empirical research. A professional agency offering design services spends a lot of time on conceptualization and sketching wherein designers use their creativity to come up with suitable ideas that can be built upon to develop the perfect logo. A designer may also consider using relevant design trends to see if they work with the overall logo design. However, experienced designers keep in the mind long-term impact while developing unique, compelling logos.

Attention to Color and Typeface

There is a close relationship between color and emotional responses – studies reveal that colors can help increase brand recognition by as much as eighty percent. That’s why professional ad agencies offering design services spend a considerable amount of time choosing the exact shade of color for a logo. Along with this, they also select an appropriate typeface that communicates a brand’s personality. By making clever use of negative space (the space that surrounds the main subject of a logo), they make a design special and layered with meaning.

Reinforce Properties That Matter

A good design agency in Malaysia lays emphasis on five main properties – simplicity, good recall value, versatility, timelessness, and appropriateness – to create a stunning, powerful logo. The best agencies revise and improve designs till they arrive at perfect solutions that satisfy their clients. The execution begins only with the client’s approval after a high-quality presentation is done. There are agencies offering cheap logo design services but the cost usually reflects the level of customer service clients will receive.

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