Four Branding Tips for Start-Up Businesses in Malaysia

Are you a new startup venture looking for advice on branding in Malaysia? Congratulations – you’ve already taken the first step – thinking about branding from the outset. Addressing branding issues at the beginning of your business journey will help you lay the foundation of a strong and consistent brand. Here are some important points to consider.

Branding in Malaysia

Find Key Answers

For successful branding in Malaysia, start-ups should start by asking themselves important questions such as what their business stands for and what makes it different/unique/memorable when compared to others in their industry. The idea is to make sure the new brand is not offering more of what others are offering but is rather focused on creating value for itself in the market.

Focus on Consistent Messaging

Successful long-term branding depends on consistent messaging – inconsistent messaging is confusing and makes it difficult for the audience to place their trust and confidence in your business. Think about a few key messages about your business that you want to communicate and use them as often as you can for your branding in Malaysia – this will make your brand memorable and trustworthy in people’s minds.

Give Importance to Aspects Other Than Logo

A common mistake that startups and even regular businesses make is they confuse brand advertisement with logo advertisement. A logo is only one aspect of a brand. Even brand identity that includes various elements such as color palette, typefaces and logo is only a part of the whole branding exercise. There are other aspects you need to think about such as brand positioning, character and messaging that go into the making of your brand strategy. If you want to create a strong brand, you will need to build a strong personality for it and let the audience know your style and approach.

Think About Tone of Voice

It’s also a good idea to get the tone of voice right from the very beginning because it is used across all important written material including website, packaging, advertisements and social media messaging. Your brand’s tone of voice should not be based on a whim or a trend that catches your fancy. It should reflect your values and way of thinking.

These are the basic ingredients you should think about for creating a unique brand for your startup business. Best of luck for your new venture and if you need assistance for creating a vivid, exciting brand get in touch with branding experts in Malaysia!

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