Four Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Lack of attention to detail can derail online marketing campaigns and it’s surprising how even professionals for digital marketing in Malaysia succumb to silly mistakes. Here are mistakes an experienced digital marketing company will avoid to ensure your campaign is a resounding success.


Bad Website Experience

A digital marketing campaign that’s linked to an optimized website has more opportunities for conversions and sales. A bad website can put off audiences and turn them away. Common website mistakes including difficult navigation, information overload, typos, grammatical errors, irrelevant landing pages, pop-ups and shabby graphics. A good digital marketing company with website development skills can help you have a customer-centric, user-friendly website with a clear call to action.

Ignoring Mobile Potential

Mobile devices are becoming dominant digital marketing platforms yet many businesses have not optimized their campaigns for mobile experiences. A site that doesn’t show properly on mobile devices can annoy audiences who are actively searching while they are on-the-go. Businesses can consider using a unique smartphone app to connect with audiences and ensure that websites are mobile-friendly as ways to build good customer relationships. If a business is running special offers in-store or online, these should appear on mobile devices for maximum coverage.

Not Targeting Relevant Audience

One benefit of digital marketing in Malaysia is niche targeting of a relevant audience. Having great content is one thing but you also need to promote it in front of the right audience for maximum impact. By using journey mapping, pixel tracking, and other analysis tools, a digital marketing agency can help you achieve next level targeting. Once you identify your target audience, you can develop a multi-pronged customer-centric campaign to engage and entice prospects on relevant online marketing platforms. Delivering a customized brand experience will add value to your marketing efforts and have audiences coming back for more.

Not Using Social Media for Consumer Engagement

Social media platforms are powerful channels to connect with and engage prospects as well as existing customers. However, many businesses make the mistake of using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. for mere presence or outright sales efforts. People come to social media for entertainment, information, and insights and they are savvy enough to distinguish authentic, useful information from sales gimmicks. Use your social media accounts to broadcast useful information that people are looking for, foster discussions and address concerns to establish good customer relationships.

To know how to avoid other common digital marketing mistakes, consult an expert team for digital marketing in Malaysia!

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