Four Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses in Malaysia

Are you a local Malaysian business interested in using digital marketing to enhance your online profile or drive traffic to your brick and mortar store? If you are, then you need a marketing strategy that specifically appeals to and targets a local audience. Here are some tactics a leading Malaysian digital marketing agency adopt to help local clients.

Digital marketing

Mobile Optimized Campaigns

An increasing number of people are using smartphones to find information about products and services while they are on-the-go. A good digital marketing agency in Malaysia may suggest having a mobile-optimized website and a responsive online marketing campaign that works efficiently across a variety of electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones as a solution. For this strategy to work, it’s important the website carries accurate and valuable information such as address, business hours, contact methods and information about products or services.

Clever Search Engine Campaigns

Paid search is very effective to get your business in front of a relevant audience. For local Malaysian businesses, it’s important that paid search campaigns use local information in keywords to ensure smart usage of ad spend and higher ranking in paid search results. Using geo-targeting and hyper-local targeting tools are also effective ways to target prospective customers in a specific area. With the perfect strategy, experts for digital marketing can target the right audience at the right time to maximize chances of conversions and sales.

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Another way an online marketing agency in Malaysia develops local campaigns is by leveraging the power of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and others. Providing useful and relevant information to audiences is a surefire way to engage and generate interest in your products and services. Digital marketing agencies in Malaysia create all kinds of social media content such as blogs, infographics, podcasts, and videos etc. Apart from this, they also develop locally targeting social media advertising campaigns to reach local customers.

Inexpensive E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an inexpensive and effective way for businesses to connect with customers. All you need are the e-mail addresses provided by your customers and with their permission, you can send them information about promotional offers, happening events, new products and so on. Some studies suggest that click-through rates for direct e-mail marketing are higher than for social media advertisements. For a business with existing customer base, it definitely deserves some looking into.

You may need a combination of channels to achieve online marketing goals. Consult an experienced local digital marketing agency to find out which channels will work for your business!

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