Four Digital Marketing Strategy Tips for Start-Ups in Malaysia

For start-ups, well-planned and executed digital marketing in Malaysia can deliver big results. Here are some digital marketing strategies to take your start-up from zero to hero in the online space.

Digital Marketing

Look at Competitor and Audience landscape

Research into the online activities of your competitors – dive into their product/service offerings, focus, messaging and USPs. Use this information to see where you fit in, how you are different from them and how you can stand out. Also take the time to understand your target audience – this is a vital component of digital marketing in Malaysia that will help you build connections with them and create a campaign that really engages them. Focus not just on customers but also others such as influencers or peers who may be interested in your start-up.

Identify SMART Business Goals

Think about what you want to achieve with digital marketing in Malaysia. Pick four or five very specific business goals that are important to you and think about which or how digital marketing activities can help you achieve them. Consider each goal individually and think about the digital marketing objectives and strategies you can put into place to get there. Make sure both business goals and digital marketing objectives follow the SMART principle – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based.

Consider a Multi-Channel Approach

Digital marketing includes many different channels – PPC, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, SEO etc. It’s not necessary to include all channels to achieve success but it is important to have a multi-pronged approach for effective results. Take into account the different platforms your target audience hangs out and the type of business you have. Is your audience active on social media? Then social media marketing may be worthwhile. Is yours an e-commerce business? Then e-marketing marketing may pay off big time. Integrate your digital marketing activities and incorporate consistent messaging to streamline your approach.

Monitor and Review Performance

Once you’ve researched and developed a solid digital marketing strategy, implement your plan and then monitor your progress. Since start-ups usually start with small, limited budgets, monitoring and reviewing digital marketing efforts are crucial to identifying profitable areas as well as loss areas. Armed with this knowledge, you can take steps to improve campaigns so that you get maximum ROI possible.

Use these strategies for digital marketing in Malaysia and create a strong online presence for your start-up!

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