Four Factors to Consider For Successful Online Advertising Campaigns in Malaysia

Should you invest in online advertising? Which channels should you concentrate on? Online advertising in Malaysia is not straightforward and digital marketing agencies take into consideration several factors such as the type of business, campaign goals and target audience to help clients make right decisions.

Advertising Services

Type of Business

A meaningful website with a user-friendly interface, easy-to-use navigation tools, information-rich pages and clear calls-to-action is a prerequisite for building an online presence. Beyond this, there are a plethora of options for online advertising in Malaysia including e-mail marketing, pay-per-click advertising, SEO, shopping ads, display ads, social media ads and content marketing. Some are more beneficial than others – for example, an e-commerce business can benefit from shopping ads – and an online marketing agency can help you select the most appropriate channels for your type of business.

Business Goals and Objectives

Campaign objectives help professionals offering online advertising services select appropriate digital channels. If your goal is brand promotion, you may benefit from social media marketing on appropriate platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. If your aim is lead generation, you may benefit from PPC, SEO or content marketing. If you desire to increase online sales, you may consider PPC search ads, display ads and shopping ads across different platforms where your core audience is active.

Core Audience Base

A good online advertising agency conducts in-depth audience research and then develops strategic campaigns that address audience needs. The first step is to identify audience by age, location, interests and other considerations. Another key aspect is to identify actual customers as well as payers and influencers because all these separate entities have a say in the final purchase decision. For example, an online advertising campaign that aims to target teenagers who are influencers will have a different strategy than one that targets adults.

Rigorous Ongoing Testing

Online advertising can have huge payoffs in terms of lead generation, brand reputation, sales, and revenues – provided it’s handled the right way. Or else, it will just be a money-draining, time-consuming exercise with no direction. A good online advertising agency takes advantage of testing tools and uses them vigorously at pre-campaign and ongoing management levels to derive maximum ROI for clearly identified objectives.

The ideal online marketing campaign should have a mix of appropriate channels and platforms to get best results. For more information, talk to an experienced online advertising team!

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