Four Mistakes to Avoid For Creating a Powerful Logo Design in Malaysia

Do you know the biggest mistakes to avoid for developing an impressive logo design in Malaysia? As a client, you’re likely to be involved in the design process and an awareness of these mistakes can help you make right decisions and achieve best outcomes.

Following Trends Blindly

The industry for design in Malaysia witnesses several trends that appear from time to time. Developing a logo design that’s based purely on current trends is a huge mistake because the logo is more likely to look dated or clichéd after a while. Memorable logos have a timeless quality about them and the focus should be on creating a long-lasting, attractive logo that’s an accurate representation of brand identity – you can look to current trends for inspiration but don’t follow them blindly.

Selecting Inappropriate Typefaces and Colors

Another huge mistake is selecting inappropriate typefaces and colors for your logo design in Malaysia. Typefaces and colors add character to design and contribute to the messaging of the logo – they should be chosen carefully after understanding the psychology behind them to ensure they’re the perfect match for your brand. Adding too many typefaces or colors will make logo design look complicated and create confusion in audience minds. A better idea is to keep them both simple and effective so that they have a memorable impact on customers.

Not Suitable for Different Media

Lack of versatility is a mistake that even seasoned professionals make while creating logo designs in Malaysia. Too often, designers create logos that don’t reflect accurately on websites, branding material etc. A good logo should scale to any size – it should look equally good on everything from a stamp to an overhead banner without compromising on quality. Designing logos in vector graphics is a good practice to avoid blurring and pixilation issues.

Copying What Others Are Doing

Copying or stealing someone else’s logo design is a big no-no, not only because it negatively impacts your brand image but also because it can lead you to legal troubles. Instead, the focus should be on developing an original, creative design that’s an accurate representation of your brand. A refreshing, unique and attractive logo is more likely to remain etched in audience minds than a logo that’s similar to someone else’s.

Keep the above mistakes in mind while getting involved in the logo design process and save your business from disastrous branding results!

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