Four Mistakes to Avoid For Effective Design in Malaysia

Your business in Malaysia is too important to risk with a poorly designed logo. Knowledge is key, so here’s a list of common mistakes to avoid for logo design in Malaysia.

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Not Keeping Audience in Mind

Many organizations claim they follow a customer-centric business model but fail to apply this principle to logo design in Malaysia. Instead, they end up adopting a logo that’s based on their tastes and preferences. A logo should communicate with ideal audience base and appeal to them. A better strategy is find out as much about your customer base as possible (for example, target age group, gender and cultural orientation) and create a logo design that appeals to them while conveying your business’s core corporate values and offerings.

Not Thinking About Color

A logo design is a powerful tool of visual communication and color scheme plays a vital role in visual representation. Colors can affect feelings and evoke emotions, yet it’s surprising how many logo designers overlook this aspect. It’s important to pay attention to the exact color shade to create a distinctive logo design that conveys certain attributes and helps your business stand out from the crowd. Including too many colors can confuse audience, so expert designers have deep discussions to choose the right color scheme and ensure a judicious mix of colors.

Choosing Wrong Typeface

Popular fonts such as Helvetica or Papyrus are attractive but they have been done to death and there’s nothing really original about them. Sometimes, fonts can be a mismatch for a business, say for example, Comic Sans for an insurance company. Choose an attractive font that synchronizes with your brand and is easy to represent on various promotional materials. For truly unique results, get a professional agency offering creative design services to develop a custom hand drawn typeface.

Going to Extremes

One common design mistake is creating a logo that’s either too simplistic or too complex. With an overly simplistic design, you run the risk of obscurity and generality. With a highly complex design, you run the risk of losing customer interest or conveying confusing messaging. Experienced designers try to find the middle-ground to ensure an effective logo that helps audience identify your business as soon as they see it.

The easiest way to avoid these common mistakes is by consulting a professional design agency in Malaysia with experience and expertise!

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