Four Steps to Create a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Ever wondered how a marketing company in Malaysia develops an effective content marketing strategy? Here are some steps that differentiate amateur content marketers from professional marketers.

Marketing company in Malaysia

Focus On Relevant, Useful Information

A good online marketing company in Malaysia understands that content marketing has evolved. The focus today is not to holler about how amazing a company is but to prove how useful it is to the target audience. Professional marketers develop content that is well-written, aesthetically presented and most importantly – is of value to the audience. From educating target audience about a product/service’s features to demonstrating how it helps solve a problem, professionals strive to create high-quality content.

Alignment with Sales Funnel Stages and Platforms

Professional marketers create content to specifically target customers at different stages of the sales funnel. They also align different types of content with relevant stages and platforms. For outreach, the solutions can be explainer videos, social media ads, infographics and PPC ad landing pages. For conversions, case studies and informational blog posts are good tools. And for retaining customer loyalty, contests or emails containing exclusive offers are a good bet.

Organize Flow of Content

An online marketing company in Malaysia knows that content needs to be offered on a continuous basis to keep audience’s interests. To ensure this, professional marketers create a calendar to guide their content marketing activities throughout a given time period. They think about what they’re going to post as well as where they should post it. They also come up with innovative ways to repurpose existing content to drive website traffic from different channels. For example, a webinar can be repurposed into a series of e-mail courses or an infographic can be converted into a slide show.

Make Use of Analytics

Content marketing strategies developed by digital marketing professionals are guided by analytics. It is a content strategist’s job to monitor, track and report on the performance of a content strategy in order to refine/adjust for better conversions. Content strategists assess various elements including traffic patterns (where the audience is coming from or where they go to after viewing content). They also evaluate the best performing content marketing tools/platforms as ones as the ones that are not performing so well.

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