Four Strategies to Maximize Returns from Outdoor Advertising in Malaysia

With digital marketing getting increasing attention, you may wonder if outdoor advertising in Malaysia is still relevant for businesses. The truth is, outdoor advertising is one of the most effective channels for small businesses to connect with a local audience. Here are some tips to make outdoor advertising work for your small business.

Choose Right Locations

Look around and you’ll find outdoor advertising spaces everywhere around you – on billboards, posters, public transportation stops and stations, malls, local gyms and much more. So, there’s no dearth of opportunities when you want to advertise your business outdoors. The trick is to choose the right spaces where your target audience is most likely to want your services. For example, a local taxi company could drive more business by advertising at a train station.

Compare Benefits with Cost

Many small business don’t consider outdoor advertising in Malaysia assuming it’s very expensive. In reality, it can be cost-effective because it helps businesses reach out to certain audience sections, such as older people, who don’t use the internet to search for information or who respond better to traditional methods of advertising. Also, outdoor advertising helps engage two different types of traffic – foot traffic and vehicular traffic.

Pay Attention to Size

Location is an important consideration for successful outdoor advertising in Malaysia – obviously, you don’t want to spend money on displaying ads where no one will see them. Advertising at public transportation stops is a good idea because people spend some time waiting around. Size needs to suit the type of traffic you’re targeting. Ads can be a bit smaller if you’re targeting foot traffic but in case you’re targeting vehicular traffic, it’s better to go with larger sized ads that can be seen from a distance.

Draw Up Creative Strategy

Depending on your aim – to build awareness or get people to take action – you can follow a different strategy. For building awareness, have more outdoor advertising and for getting people to take action, include a strong call-to-action. With some creative advertising, you will be able to make a good impression about your brand and what you’re selling. Messaging should be crisp, concise and professionally presented. Incorporating attractive images also helps draw audience attention. Humor is a great way to engage audience members.

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