Four Techniques to Grow and Engage Audience on Instagram

An increasing number of businesses in Malaysia and other countries are discovering that Instagram is a powerful network that can help achieve tangible business goals. Here’s how a social media agency in Malaysia can help you grow and engage your target audience.

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Create Powerful Content

Instagram is a visual platform and offers many novel features to attract user attention. A social media agency in Malaysia can create attention-grabbing videos and photos that tell authentic and compelling brand stories. It can create thought-provoking or entertaining captions that makes users stop and want to engage. A social media agency understands the power of using the right hash tags. Using branded hash tags and other strategic hash tags, an agency makes it easier for users to find all content related to your brand.

Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is a powerful social media marketing trend. Influencers are people with dedicated fan followings. By working with influencers, your brand can access engaged and loyal fans who may be interested in your brand. A social media agency will have professional contacts with different types of influencers and can help identify the best influencers for your brand. It can also build a strategy for an influencer to promote or endorse your brand. Even small brands with limited budgets can take advantage of influencer marketing by associating with micro-influencers.

Complement Other Marketing Strategies

Instagram marketing can be cleverly tied in with other marketing strategies to maximize reach and engagement. For example, if you are using blogs, a social media marketing team can embed Instagram posts inappropriate blogs and get blog audience to follow you on Instagram. If you have accounts on other social networks, a social media team can let your followers there know about your Instagram account. Another simple solution is to include your Instagram handle on print material such as business cards and signage or mention Instagram handle in e-mails.

Run Strategic Ad Campaigns

Instragram ads are a great way to get valuable content in front of a targeted audience. Whether you want to promote limited period offers or increase brand awareness on Instagram, a social media agency can run different types of campaigns to achieve different goals. You can include specific CTAs in ads and make it easier for consumers to land on your website or convert.

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