Four Tips to Build a Brand that’s in Sync with the Times

As an important tool for business-building, branding has been in use for many years now. However, technological and other factors have led to the emergence of new branding trends and strategies. Here are some fresh new trends as explained by a leading brand agency in Malaysia.


Being Authentic and Real

In an earlier era, it was possible for brands to get away with being patronizing or hard selling but not anymore. Today’s consumers are aware and demanding – they appreciate a business that is true to its personality, character, and spirit. A business can express authenticity by being reliable (walking the talk, offering high-quality products or services), respectful (by delivering a superior customer experience) and real (by providing open and honest communication). It is more imperative than ever before for a brand to focus on being authentic.

Building Connections and Trust

The emergence of online social networking platforms has made the consumer all powerful. Even a single post or tweet can bring global ignominy or praise for a business. In this scenario, it’s very important for a brand to concentrate on building connections and trust. Terms such as humanizing or personalizing are buzzwords in the branding world today and an experienced brand agency in Malaysia can help tell your brand’s real story in compelling ways. One of the most effective ways to tell your brand’s story is via catchy, interesting and engaging videos shared on social media platforms.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Branding

Audiences are increasingly aware of the need to leave behind a sustainable world for future generations. They are happy to associate with brands that are sensitive to the world’s problems and conduct themselves with a conscience. Whether it is through CSR initiatives, eco-friendly packaging materials or delivering energy savings, there are several solutions a Malaysian brand agency can suggest, using which a brand can demonstrate concern for the world. This is a great long-term brand strategy that’s good for any large or small business and also the environment.

Ongoing Brand Management

With a plethora of offline and online branding platforms being used today, businesses need to invest in long-term branding management to ensure relevance, uniformity, and consistency. From letterheads, business cards and packaging materials to e-mails, website landing pages, and online advertisements, businesses need to appear strong and cohesive across all marketing platforms. With uniformity and consistency comes familiarity and trust which are critical to making consumers feel comfortable while associating with your brand.

Partnering a reputed brand agency in Malaysia is the perfect way to incorporate relevant trends while ensuring that overall brand identity is not lost.

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