Four Tips to Build a Positive, Trustworthy Brand in Malaysia

It’s important for a brand to gain and retain trust but that is easier said than done since new age consumers are less trusting than previous generations. Here are some strategies for you to consider if you want to build a brand that’s perceived as being honest and trustworthy.


Honesty, Transparency, Authenticity

A good brand agency in Malaysia will tell you that it pays to be honest, transparent and authentic. Always remember that a customer’s trust is a privilege and if you want that, you have to be honest and transparent. If you’re not transparent, audience will think you have something to hide. If you’re not authentic, they will just be put off. If you have failed or made a mistake, be honest, own up and make amends – ultimately, your audience will respect you for it.

Build Brand Personality with Positive Attributes

Develop your brand’s attributes and identify the values you want your brand to be associated with. Make concerted efforts to promote those characteristics and live up to them. Collaborate with a brand agency in Malaysia to develop your brand’s tone and use it across all communication channels. Aim to build a unique personality for your brand because this is what will help you stand out from your competitors. Remember, people don’t trust businesses but they do trust other people and adding a personality to your brand is one way of humanizing it.

Give Business Insights

Use social media broadcasts and blog posts to give your audiences an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into your business. Share interesting stories about customers and employees. Share pictures of celebrations and events so your prospects understand the office culture that you have and promote. All these efforts will make your audience feel comfortable with your business and will encourage them to purchase from you.

Aim for Long Term Relationships

Unless you’re a fly-by-night business, you’ll want to build long-term customer relationships. Audiences appreciate businesses that make concrete efforts to provide superior customer service, answer queries and foster long-term relationships. A brand agency in Malaysia uses various channels such as social media accounts and e-mail marketing for this purpose. You can train your staff to give correct replies using a friendly tone while answering phone queries. Avoid making false promises, giving rise to unrealistic expectations and cocky oversell as these will spoil good customer relations if you don’t live up to them.

A trustworthy brand has an easier time with brand promotion. For more information, consult brand-building experts!

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