Four Tips to Create a Winning Logo That Will Stand the Test of Time

A strong logo design helps customers associate with the brand and identify their products or services. Designing a visually stimulating logo that represents your brand’s personality requires a strategic approach which only a professional design agency in Malaysia is best equipped to provide. Here are some guidelines used by reputed agencies to create winning logos.

Incorporating Design Trends

Leading agencies offering design services understand that a logo needs to be original, interesting and clever to set it apart from competitors. It should balance simplicity with uniqueness because audiences don’t have the time or desire to stare at a design and analyze it in depth. While incorporating some modern elements, a logo should have timeless appeal and not try too to appear trendy – design trends fade with time but classic elements are more likely to stand the test of time.

Careful Consideration of Brand

Your logo is an introduction to your brand, a succinct expression of your brand’s personality and it must represent your brand’s unique attributes in order to resonate with the audience you’re reaching out to. A professional design agency in Malaysia will consider several factors such as the values a brand stands for, the brand’s appeal (for example, whether it is utilitarian or evocative) and customer aspirations to create an original design that’s true to the brand’s ideology.

Careful Section of Color

When taking a brand’s personality into account, agencies offering design services understand that color is a key element that can bring nuance to a brand’s message. Every color and shade have a different implication which should not be overlooked.  Experienced design agencies spend a lot of time considering the exact shade to use for a brand so as to set the right tone and convey the right image.  They also make sure that the font is attractive and makes proper use of negative space.

Versatility and Agility

We live in a digital age and while earlier logos were used on print media, today they are widely used on across a plethora of devices and internet platforms such as websites, social media, online advertisements, apps and so on. The challenge for a design agency in Malaysia is to create a logo that looks great on different backgrounds. For example, a design that looks good on a business card may not be suitable for a website. Skilled agencies carefully consider how a particular design will appear on numerous online and offline platforms before selecting the final version.

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