Four Tips to Get Your Digital Marketing Campaign Up-to-Date

The digital marketing landscape changes at an incredibly rapid pace. Often businesses use the same tactics without any change even if those tactics are not showing results. That’s why your strategy for digital marketing in Malaysia should not be set in stone. The good news is that you can quickly refine your strategies and here are some tips to help you.

Digital marketing in Malaysia

Audit Current Accounts

Run a quick audit of the various internet marketing channels you’re using. If you have a Google AdWords account from which you are implementing a PPC campaign, check if new relevant features are being used, review account structure, go over campaign settings and take a look at key performance indicators. Evaluate your social media profiles to see which ones are bringing in the most shares, likes and comments. Reallocate budget to the most profitable channels to maximize ROI.

Review SEO Strategy

If your strategy for digital marketing in Malaysia includes SEO, review your SEO campaign and check if it reflects your current business circumstances. You may have developed new product offerings or opened a new outlet – it’s important to incorporate changes into your SEO strategy. This can lead to the discovery of new keywords and keyword phrases that can help you reach a larger audience on search engines. An increasing number of people are using voice-activated tools such as Apple’s Siri and Google Home for internet queries and searches – check if your SEO strategy is optimized for voice-based searches.

Recycle Old Content

Content that’s a year older loses relevance on the internet. However, even older content can be a valuable resource provided you recycle it to make it current and relevant. This will help improve your SEO campaign and provide you higher ROI. There are several ways to revamp existing content such as updating old blog posts with new information and combining old, short blog posts into one large one with updated information – however, always inform your audience that it is recycled content.

Engage Audience on Social Media

For social media marketing, make content popular and trending by using emojis and hashtags – these two tools can broaden your reach and create a buzz around your brand. Add emojis to your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat profiles – audiences simply love these entertaining, eye-catching symbols. Help your posts reach higher ranking on trending topics with hashtags and develop unique brand-related hashtags to increase your brand’s visibility.

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