Four Tips for Powerful Brand Advertisement in Malaysia

Recognized, trusted brands don’t just spring from out of nowhere. Whether old and established or new and bold, a brand needs to invest in a solid advertising strategy using a variety of vehicles in order to get noticed. These tips will help you design a smart brand advertising campaign that resonates with audiences.


Create Impactful Logo

The logo is the first thing audiences associate with a brand – it’s showcased on everything from business cards, pamphlets, print ads and company website. Ensure that the logo is unique, representative of your business and can be scaled to suit the requirements of various platforms including traditional and digital. A cleverly designed logo can instantly convey your business values and products or services.

Ensure Consistency in Promotions

Whether for a text or voice ad, using catchy slogans and jingles is a sure-shot way of staying in people’s minds and helping them distinguish your business offerings from those of your competitors. Ensure that all elements including font, color, copy, and tone are consistent with your brand identity. Launching an advertising campaign that does not support your business identity will only confuse audiences and that is why the best branding experts stress on maintaining consistency for all brand-building endeavors including advertising.

Address at an Emotional Level

Strive to connect with audiences at an emotional level – this will help them feel comfortable with and develop trust in your brand. There are several ways you can achieve this such as by creating a memorable print or TV ad and sponsoring community events related to your brand. Use social media platforms to connect with and engage prospects. Develop humorous content and share useful information to keep them coming back for more. Be authentic in your efforts and tone down the sales pitch or else you will lose audience interest.

Ace the Perception Game

Help your business get perceived as an industry thought a leader with a smart content marketing strategy. You have various tools at your disposal – personal or information-rich blog posts, e-books, live video streaming, white reports, curated content, and infographics to name a few. When done right, content marketing can be a subtle way of advertising your business without being pushy. Over time, your audience will start to view you as a market influencer and pick you over your competitors for products and services.

A brand’s advertising strategy should motivate people to take an action for either converting or purchasing. To know how you can achieve this, consult an ad agency offering quality brand promotion solutions.

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