Four Tips to Create Remarkable Logo Designs in Malaysia

Malaysian ad agencies offer different types of design services such as ad design services, website design services and logo design services. All three are vital to building a great brand. However, it’s logo design that creates the first impression and plays a major role in the brand’s perception. Here are some factors to consider for developing a great logo.

Design in Malaysia

Originality and Underlying Concept

The concept and underlying idea are very important to creating valuable logo design in Malaysia. Imagery should relate to the business and be a strong representation of the company’s name. Great logos are original and often look intriguing. Having a simple yet clever logo acts as a catalyst for easy recollection whereas originality helps a logo stand apart from competitors and carve a unique brand identity. Most of the iconic logos you see around you incorporate these features.

Legibility and Clarity

Readability is another important component of logo design in Malaysia. The letters should be legible and easy to read so that customers can quickly understand and remember the name of the company. Sometimes, logo designers use a unique typeface or original letterforms to create a distinctive logo. This is a great move provided the designer pays special attention to maintaining consistency – for instance, by ensuring similar height, gradient, stroke weight or baseline.

Structure and Symmetry

Structural soundness is a great feature to have in logo design. It should look balanced and symmetrical. Human beings are naturally attracted to symbols and letters that look organized, symmetrical and aligned. Structural soundness correlates to precision and deliberation. Having a structurally sound logo conveys that considerable effort has gone into ensuring exacting results and a company comes off looking in control and stronger. A structurally unsound logo indicates lack of coherence and can make a company look weak.

Should Be Easy to Replicate

Easy replication is one of the best tests to gauge logo effectiveness. A logo is something that is going to be showcased on a wide variety of marketing vehicles including website, ads, product packaging, banners, posters, business cards and other print material. It should be easy to replicate on different media and enable easy understanding even in smaller sizes. It’s best to avoid extreme detailing because this can prevent messaging from coming through and hamper easy replication.

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