How to Enjoy an ROI on your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Trends to Watch Out For

Social media marketing is a thriving industry, with more entrepreneurs jumping on the bandwagon every day to realize returns on investment.  One overwhelmingly huge trend (as any social media agency in Malaysia knows) that continues to set the social media scene ablaze is undoubtedly that of vanishing media agency in Malaysia Every social media platform featured their own version of the Story, with Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and YouTube all coming out with their avatars of Story-like features.  By heavily leveraging on the concept of FOMO, the big players in the industry seem to have hit the jackpot in terms of social media marketing strategy.

Overcoming Data Privacy Scams

“Trust” seems to be a buzzword among social media marketing circles, especially given that the previous years have been mired in data privacy scandals and coverups.  Brand positioning, as any social media agency in Malaysia will tell you, is all about building an image with the general population, of a trustworthy brand that ensures confidentiality of data.  The current year seems to be a year poised for social media players to regain trust among their users.  As data security and sharing concerns reverberate the digital landscape, big-time players like Facebook have sought to make amends through more stringent rules and a greater awareness of what their customer data is being used for.  In an age of wariness on the part of consumers, transparency wins the day.

The Importance of a Good Analytics Tool

Keeping track of each and every social media marketing-related metric is the stuff of nightmares.  A company that wisely invests in a solid analytics dashboard has taken a giant step in the right direction.  Dashboards give management a clear-cut view of the company’s performance on social media and allow management to modify the company’s existing social media marketing strategy to ensure a better chance of success.

A number of other big trends, such as augmented reality, influencer marketing, live video streaming, personalized customer experience, and so on are also making big waves on the social marketing scene.  Follow the top social media trends to rock your social media marketing strategy and ensure success on your investment.

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