The Impact of Design in Malaysia

Good Design and its Value

Thanks to two prevalent trends – the popularity of social media, and the use of the smartphone for browsing, design has now become embedded in the Malaysian culture.  As businesses everywhere wake up to the possibilities of marketing over social media and over mobile, design plays a key role in whether a consumer will recognize and remember a particular brand or business, from among the onslaught of information that he or she experiences, every time they go online.

Design Malaysia

Good, innovative design in Malaysia is what differentiates a brand from every other brand, especially when it comes to content marketing.  In the age of visual storytelling, design ensures that content does not just perform the function of getting users to perform a particular action, but also delights, educates, astonishes, and engages with audiences at a very personal level, ensuring that the customer comes back to that particular brand the next time.

The Attributes of Good Design

Good design has to be innovative today if it is to make an impact.  Design services must result in injecting a never-seen-before functionality and value to the product or service they are marketing, whether a brand-new breakthrough product or a redesign of an existing one.  A well-designed product should always ensure that the usefulness of the product is clearly showcased, over and beyond other aspects like beauty and appeal.  At the same time, design in Malaysia should ensure that the aesthetic value of the product is also highlighted and that the product is able to appeal to potential customers.  Innovative design is what makes the product or service self-explanatory and makes a user manual seem superfluous and unnecessary.  Well-executed design reaches out to the user’s intuition and makes the user exercise that intuition to understand what the product is all about.

The Power of Personalization

As more users switch to mobiles as their default way of surfing the Net, design services companies are re-inventing how they present products and services specifically for mobile.  Personalization is playing a huge role in how companies interact with their mobile-phone-using consumers.

Design is ultimately a craft, understood clearly by a few and mastered by even fewer.  However, in this age of information overload, a design is more crucial than ever before.

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