The Impact of Social Media Agencies

Shifting Trends in Ad Spending

Over the past few years, Malaysia’s Adex (advertising expenditure) trends have seen a paradigm shift.  Where the industry previously spent heavily on traditional media like television and radio, today advertising expenditure is seeing a sizeable chunk dedicated for online advertising, and a significant portion of that, towards social media marketing in particular.  Newspaper and magazine advertisements are faring less effectively in comparison with campaigns launched across platforms by every social media agency in Malaysia worth its salt.  Along with spending more on social media marketing, marketers are also re-imagining the way they connect with audiences through social media platforms, as the need of the hour has become content that will cut through the chaos of information overload and reach out to the people that matter.

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Increased Investment in Visual Marketing

A trend currently being seen across Malaysia is live video sharing.  Live feeds have become the in-thing on social media platforms, and a trend that Malaysians in particular have welcomed.  With the booming popularity of live streaming, marketers across Malaysia are upping their strategies to include a live video campaign in addition to their ongoing social media marketing campaigns.Live video platforms are giving marketers a fresh new way of engaging with audiences with very encouraging results.

A Shift from Quantity to Quality

As more and more content gets posted on social media, the success of a social media campaign is increasingly being measured not by the quantity of followers it has generated, but by the quality of engagement.  More than create just brand awareness, the prerogative of a social media agency in Malaysia is now to convert audiences into loyal consumers and die-hard supporters of the brand it is promoting.  Faced with multiple sources of content from a plethora of social media platforms, the challenge for most social media marketing agencies is in breaking through the barrier of information and engaging with the audience with a clear message and call to action.

As methods for tracking user behaviour become more refined, social media marketing will also fine-tune itself to engage with audiences on topics that matter to them personally.  It is an exciting time to be in the business of social media marketing in Malaysia.

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