Integrate Social Media Marketing with Online Marketing Strategy to Drive Maximum ROI

Social media promotion may have transformed the way businesses reach out to and communicate with target audience – but it doesn’t replace other forms of online marketing altogether. Here’s how a social media agency in Malaysia can help integrate marketing efforts to derive maximum ROI.

Social Media Agency in Malaysia

Use Social Media to Build Relationships

You can provide information about new developments, product availability and explain product/service benefits. Through social media networks, you can answer consumer questions and provide support – in this sense, social media marketing provides a unique opportunity to build relationships with existing and potential customers. It is also a great medium to position yourself as an expert and gather honest feedback about your products or services from the people that really matter – your customers.

Match Messaging with Platform

The way you communicate on social media is very different from the way you would communicate in an e-mail. In social media marketing, you can go with a conversational tone but not adopt a sales pitch. In e-mail marketing, you can adopt a sales pitch. But it’s vital that all brand communication comes off as cohesive and strengthens the brand. A good social media agency in Malaysia can help match the message with the medium without completely ignoring brand positioning.

Clever Cross-Platform Marketing

A social media agency in Malaysia will have experts who know how to cross-promote a brand on different marketing platforms. For instance, they can submit your press releases online and also mention them in social media posts to obtain wider exposure. Another trick is to include website links in social media posts to boost website traffic and improve search engine ranking. Using relevant keywords in blogs and social media posts is another great way to help prospects discover your brand online.

Leverage Research and Analytics

This includes research into business operations, target audience and competition. This is done in order to set SMART objectives and targets – SMART being an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Based on your ad spend, a multi-faceted online marketing agency can help you determine a budget for your online marketing efforts. Using analytics and monitoring tools, it can help you measure ROI and refine online marketing campaigns.

To ensure efficient and effective co-ordination of your online marketing efforts, consult Malaysia’s premier digital marketing agency!

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