Is Traditional Advertising Still Relevant in The Digital Age?

Business owners are constantly in a limbo about which type of advertising in Malaysia – digital or traditional – will get them the highest results. If you do a quick internet search about the state of traditional advertising in the face of stiff competition from digital advertising, you’re likely to come off thinking that traditional advertising is dying. However, there are strong reasons to include traditional advertising methods in your marketing mix.

Advertising in Malaysia

Traditional Media Continues to Thrive

People are still watching TV, some for as many as five hours per day, tuning in to the radio, reading newspapers and going outside. Contrary to doomsday predictions, TV did not kill the radio and e-commerce stores did not destroy offline stores. All of them are thriving side-by-side because consumers demand flexibility and maximum choice. It’s the same scenario with digital marketing and traditional advertising in Malaysia.

Wide Reach and Acceptance

Traditional advertising channels such as TV ads, newspaper ads, radio ads and outdoor signage are familiar, have wide reach and are easy to place. It’s important to remember that not all consumer use social engines and social networks. And many of the consumers online are turned off by aggressive and intrusive digital ads. In fact, people are installing ad blockers just to get rid of online ads. Traditional advertising does not have such challenges. Besides, standard ads are easier to process and remember.

Combine the Two for Better Results

Whether it is traditional marketing or digital marketing, the main aim is to get in front of a wide audience and attract the attention of people who are genuinely interested in purchasing particular products and services. Combining the two strategies can help boost visibility, gather highest results and foster greater engagement. Besides, it can help a business stand out from competitors marketing solely in the digital world.

Cross Channel Marketing Strategies

A well-thought of, combined and cohesive advertising strategy is likely to pay greater dividends. There are several ways to merge the two – for instance, you can promote online presence by including website address, name of social media profile or hashtags on traditional marketing vehicles such as TV ads, newspaper ads, posters and billboards. You can use social media accounts to promote an offline event. An innovative solution is provide a QR code on traditional advertising material that directs users to an optimized mobile landing page.

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