It is good to go conversational if you wish to do advertising in Malaysia

You have conceptualized and developed a world-class product or service with a hope of perfect market-fit and instant hit. Just like everyone else, your concern about market reach and penetration is perfectly valid. We all know that the success of the product depends on the effectiveness of marketing, but the challenge is how to make the whole marketing exercise effective in a highly competitive market space like Malaysia.


The effectiveness of advertising in Malaysia depends not just on awareness and eyeball but the conversation trigger. Tech advancement has revolutionized the way companies communicate with consumers through advertisements. The 21stcentury advertising is all about engaging conversation. Today, the conversation is the king of the marketing arena and content is just the subject matter.

Buildinga Conversational Advertising Campaign

In the modern market space when consumer behavior is shifting heavily towards personalized content consumption, it is challenging to find a balance between creativity and analytics. Your approach, while advertising in Malaysia, should be centered on engaging both the left and the right brains of the consumer. At present, advertisement is all about analyzing the behavior of consumers and creating compelling ads accordingly.

Here are some of the points to help you build an effective advertising campaign focused on need and action:

  1. Market Research

You have a great product, developed specifically to meet certain human needs. Knowing your target audience is most important as it helps you plan an effective campaign.

  1. Engaging Content

Your consumer profile helps you set parameters for content. Your content should be contextual,with a strong product-centered messaging to trigger requisite active engagement.

  1. Personalization

In digital space, ads are served using artificial intelligence based on extensive data simulation. So, you can develop ads to serve all possible types of audience groups.

  1. Contextual

In the era of information overload, your content should be highly contemporary and contextual so that the message remains in active-memory. There should be an element of engagement to trigger reinforcement.

  1. Medium

People consume content with some preconceived correlation with the medium and your content strategy must meet this medium related expectation. Your ad content must be unique for all possible mediums, especially social media content.

  1. Need and Rewards

Matching need with reward is an all-time great strategy in marketing. Let your USP match the perceptual field of the target audience with some strong gratifiers.

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