The Key to Effective Advertising

Make the Tagline Stand Out

The tagline of an advertisement is what makes or breaks it the advertising strategy. A recent study revealed that taglines control about 70% of the advertisement’s call to action.  One of the most effective advertising techniques is to come up with a tagline that is short but to the point.  Customers are more likely to remember a catchy tagline than a lengthy one when it comes to making the decision to buy.  Very often, advertising agencies combine a smart, short tagline with a compelling image, which put together, spell out for the target audience a clear message that the brand wants to convey.  An effective tagline can form the basis of an integrated advertising campaign that can be introduced across multiple media platforms, from print to TV to the Internet.

Add a Little Drama

Some of the most memorable advertisements we’ve seen or heard are the ones that have appealed to us on an emotional level.  One of the more innovative advertising techniques is to take a particular feature of a product and exaggerate it to an extreme, capturing the audience’s attention instantly.  Another great technique is to use powerful visuals to communicate a simile that audiences can remember the product with.  User testimonials are among the most effective advertising techniques, as they infuse believability and persuasion into the concept being advertised.

Cross Promotions Are an Effective Tool

One of the advertising techniques that guarantees greater audience reach is cross promotion.  Many business owners join forces with complementary businesses to offer bundled offerings or collaborative works such as videos and e-books.  Much more effective than traditional methods of networking, these business owners can now expand their own business by building on the other’s customer base, a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Advertising has come a long way since its early days, where brand promotion was straightforward and followed traditional rules.  Advertising agencies these days are coming up with newer, bolder and more innovative techniques to advertise brands, and with the fierce level of competition in the market today, advertisers know that a well-crafted advertisement goes a long way in influencing target audiences.

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