Key Social Media Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know

The Rise of Live Video

Live video has been around for a while on platforms such as YouTube, but its introduction on newer platforms in the past year has made it a key trend to watch out for.  Gone are the days when audiences were content with consuming passive video content.  Today’s audience demands in-the-moment consumption where it can interact with and be an active part of the process. 

Hence, ephemeral content has swept the social media marketing industry like wildfire.  The story feature and vanishing content is now trending across all social media platforms and is firmly here to stay.  The interactive feature of live video makes it a powerful tool in the hands of every social media agency in Malaysia, with which it can engage with audiences and strengthen the relationship between a brand and its followers.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence-driven customer service is another undeniable trend that has been adopted by nearly all social media platforms in the industry.  Online customer service has benefitted immensely through enhanced customer interaction afforded by artificial intelligence-empowered chatbots.  A recent study has predicted that by 2020, more than 85% of all customer interactions will be powered by chatbots.  This is a trend that has been picked up and leveraged by many a social media agency in Malaysia, in order to strengthen customer service of Malaysian companies with their highly demanding customers.  The section of the audience that has adopted the chatbot experience whole-heartedly seems to be the millennials, 60% of whom are already using chatbots effectively for a better user experience online.

Taking the Focus off PPC

In the coming years, more small and medium sized businesses in Malaysia are likely to turn to digital solutions to track the impact of their PPC campaigns.  As research has shown, not many PPC leads have resulted in actual customers, leading to a gradual distrust in the effectiveness of PPC campaigns.  Experts say that it is time to take the focus off PPC and invest marketing budgets elsewhere, in organic reach for example, where the yield might be better and result in more customers.

Richer content, live video, influencers – social media marketing has never been this exciting before!

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