Making Your Brand Stand Out

What Successful Brands do Differently

Very often, success in terms of branding in marketing is a result of a business’ willingness to take some risks with its identity.  In cases where the company is an established one with a trusted brand identity, the risk can be very great.  However, with a good brand agency in Malaysia, many companies have managed to pull it off and re-brand themselves with a new identity in line with audience interests and expectations.  In short, willingness to take a leap of faith with one’s branding is sometimes necessary for branding success.  Businesses that are toying with the idea of re-branding themselves need to understand their market clearly.  Identifying a market niche that the business can then attempt to conquer by establishing a position in the minds of its audience in terms of specific desirable attributes is the first step in a successful branding strategy.


Consistency Gives Way to Disruption

For decades, experts on branding in marketing have been telling us that in order to build credibility among customers, businesses had to establish consistency across their branding campaigns.  In recent years, however, as any brand agency in Malaysia will tell you, this premise has come under question multiple times.  The underlying reason?  Rapidly changing customer preferences and fickleness.  Today’s customer is always on the lookout for something new and exciting, and in light of this fact, marketers are ditching traditional, consistency-based campaigns for the more radical disruptive campaigns that are seeing very encouraging results.  Recent branding activity across businesses have seen both startups and established giants embrace this new concept with startling success rates.

Experiential Marketing

Today the success of a branding campaign largely hinges on being able to create experiential moments with the campaign audience.  Without this, the campaign faces the risk of being ‘another face in the crowd’.  Overcoming legacy marketing methods and driving branding campaigns that feature experiential marketing as key, rather than afterthought, is a challenge that every branding agency in Malaysia faces.

We live in a hyper-competitive world with thousands of brands vying with each other for a slice of the customer’s attention.  Knowing and using the keys to a successful branding campaign will decide which company wins.

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