The Makings of a Good Advertising Strategy

Knowing your Target Audience

In the age of automation, businesses across Malaysia can take advantage of not only cutting-edge advertising services but also applications that crunch big data and analyze demographic information crucial to the business’ advertising strategy.  For an advertising agency in Malaysia, this could mean information on what social media platforms the target audience is most active, what hours of the day they are likely to be online, what the top interests are for a collective group of potential customers.  All of this vital information can then be fed into the advertising strategy for the business.  Content that is produced as part of the strategy, both text, and video, can be customized accordingly.  The result?  A highly personalized advertising approach that is sure to engage with the audience.


Invest Wisely in Traditional Media

The changing trends in advertising expenditure in Malaysia indicate that advertisers have begun putting more money into the online advertising segment.  Nevertheless, it would be immature to give up spending on traditional media altogether.  Television has seen a healthy growth in terms of advertising in recent years, followed closely by radio, indicating clearly that these media continue to command a faithful following among Malaysians, regardless of the increasing popularity of new media like digital.  Perhaps the greatest challenge has been faced by print media, having to compete with online advertising.  However, the demand for print media advertising services continues to be strong in Malaysia, again showing that steady investments in advertising in traditional media are a wise bet.

Greater Reach with OOH Media

Out-of-home (OOH) media has never had it so big in Malaysia.  The immense amount of advertising both online and in print has forced every advertising agency in Malaysia to come up with innovative methods of reaching out to audiences.  Hence, taxis, buses, table-tops, the backs of receipts, tickets and every plain surface imaginable becomes the blank canvas for an advertisement.  Advertising expenditure has seen a steady growth in Malaysia as businesses warm up to this concept of reaching audiences in places where they least expect it.

With innovative methods of reaching out to their target audiences, businesses in conjunction with Malaysia’s advertising agencies, are reaping the benefits and learning valuable lessons about their customers along the way.

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