Malaysian Advertising for Small and Medium Businesses

Malaysia’s digital market is a crowded place, with companies vying with each other to gain the attention of their target audience.  With so much information constantly being fed to consumers in the form of advertising in Malaysia, small and medium-sized businesses might find themselves grappling to capture their audience’s attention.  Here are a few advertising tips that might prove useful for small and medium businesses.

Engaging Rather than Selling

Social media presents endless opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to engage with their target audience, conducting an indirect marketing program that can prove to be very effective.  Any advertising agency in Malaysia knows the power of audience engagement through social media platforms, and a shared post or comment on topics that are relevant to the company’s business go a long way in fostering customer loyalty.  Once the target audience’s attention has been secured, companies can then move on to the next trend: the ‘why’ of their business.  Sharing with their audience the unique story of their business – why it was created, why the company is unique and different from others, causes the company to resonate with its audience and forges a bond with them.

Freebies, Discounts and E-Coupons

The tried-and-trusted mantra of traditional advertising, the concept of a giveaway and a discount is something that customers invariably find irresistible.  Advertising in Malaysia has adopted this in a big way, with companies seeking to outdo one another in terms of free gifts and discounts.  For a shopaholic nation that loves a great deal, this is one form of advertising that no one can say no to.  As more and more Malaysians move online and digital becomes the new place to shop, businesses that are able to adapt the freebie-discount-coupon tool to its online medium soon find themselves reaping the benefits.

Malaysia’s Smartphone Phenomenon

The always-on, mobile-driven culture that has come to define Malaysians, has spurred a further change in how companies are handling online advertising.  Traditional companies who have until now been ignoring the necessity of mobile advertising have woefully begun to realize that the answer to the question of when to develop a smartphone strategy is: yesterday.

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