Malaysia’s Award-Winning Design Services Industry

More than just Website Design

In today’s world, the term ‘design services’ encompasses more than just website design and can involve anything from the design of a brand and strategy to advertising campaigns, logo design, print design and much more.  The challenge with design in Malaysia is to come up with a comprehensive design package that spans multiple media and presents the same compelling message about the company or organization it represents.  Many design houses in Malaysia function as multi-service agencies, allowing clients to take advantage of a number of services under a single roof.  The design services of in-house teams comprising photographers, content writers, animation artists, graphics designers and many more are combined to produce a cohesive design package tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Choosing the Right Agency

A new form of agency has emerged in recent years from among Malaysia’s design services agencies.  Termed the boutique digital agency, this type of agency typically focuses on online marketing.  Heavily reliant on data analysis, these boutique design houses have an edge over traditional agencies that haven’t quite caught on to the digital trend.  As the digital domain stresses more on the need to correlate campaign results in the form of metrics, with their work, older mammoth design agencies in Malaysia are slowly falling behind, allowing the boutique agency, digital-savvy and free from red tape, to take an unmistakable lead.  The disadvantage in a startup boutique agency is a seeming lack of process, which over a period of time can breed inefficiency.  Companies should choose wisely when deciding between traditional design houses or savvier, but less process-oriented boutique digital agencies.

Is Design Really Important?

In this age where consumers are faced with a barrage of information all the time, for a business to stand out, it requires a compelling advertising campaign.  This, in turn, calls for good design.   A good design is the difference between mediocre and memorable and is the underlying reason why certain brands remain in the minds of their target audiences.

Design in Malaysia is poised to ride the digital wave with panache, as seen from some of the award-winning campaigns produced by Malaysia’s leading design houses.  The trend is likely to continue and strengthen in the days to come.

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