Malaysia’s Booming Digital Marketing Industry

The digital marketing industry in Malaysia is poised to undergo a major transformation in the coming years, as companies and digital marketing firms alike come to grips with the sheer buying potential of this vibrant country’s residents.

Going Digital: The Future of Marketing

A major chunk of the overall marketing expenditure in the Malaysian industry still goes towards traditional marketing.  However, over the next few years, this trend is about to see a dramatic reversal, with many companies, jolted into the realization that their customers are spending an increasing amount of time online – a space where these companies have almost no marketing presence.  This realization has propelled an increasing demand for digital marketing professionals, which has in turn, resulted in a mushrooming of digital marketing startups all over the country, within the last couple of years.  Recognizing the immense potential of digital marketing in Malaysia, the Malaysian government has been quick to act in terms of promoting this burgeoning industry.

The Malaysian Demographic and its Impact

Malaysia presents the perfect setting for the rapid growth of the digital marketing industry, and with good reason.  The country has one of the fastest growing online markets in the region, with around 20 million people online at any given time – that’s close to 68% of Malaysia’s population.  Most Malaysians are extremely comfortable with shopping online and with living the digital life.  A recent study shows that a Malaysian has, on average, at least four social media accounts, which points to the trend that Malaysians are going to be spending increasingly more amounts of their time, and quite possibly money, online.  With a large English-speaking population, and a good proportion of affluent and middle-class people, the e-commerce industry is all set to explode, and with it, digital marketing in Malaysia as well.

Digital Marketing Trends in Malaysia

With traditional companies jumping on the digital bandwagon, there is a demand for solid strategy on how to capture Malaysia’s online market.  A few marketing tips that companies should bear in mind are to thoroughly research their target audience, spend their budget wisely, and leverage social media marketing.  Traditional companies would do well to follow these marketing tips as they navigate the unfamiliar waters of digital marketing.

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